Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GHOULA COMIX Issue 2 "This is the City"

Now Available from GHOULA PRESS:
GHOULA COMIXIssue #2: This is the City

Featuring the spine-tingling talents of...
Richard Carradine, Lisa Mouse, Rikki Niehaus, Wayne Poe, Grasiela Rodriguez, Ian Stone, Tavish Stone, Sarah Troop, Steve Troop, Jim Wheelock, Michael Aushenker, Victor Avila, Ken Brilliant, Jose Cabrera, Caitlyn Carradine, Mike Kelley, Nathan Lenz, and the Great Lonnie Millsap

A comic book anthology of Los Angeles-based ghost stories by Los Angeles-based artists prepared by a Los Angeles-based ghost club to promote local ghosts.
Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles (GHOULA) is dedicated to the preservation of greater L.A.'s rich haunted history, and the promotion and celebration of this local lore through ghostly gatherings, paranormal experiments, and events. Visit the website to learn more about GHOULA events.

Price: $6.00, 127 pages