Tuesday, October 19, 2010

APE 2010!

So we all had a great time....except for Jim, he got sick! Oh well! Better luck for him next year!
Jim, Kevin & Raul Aguirre Jr @ Last Gasp Comics This is the best distribution center in the world for Lowbrow underground comix! They had a great party!

APE 2010

Me, Jose, Michael & Jav

Jav and the John Henry Unicorn sketch dolly

Leann and Cassandra

View from the Mezz


Me & Leann


San Francisco's Finest!!!!

Jav's El Muerto

Bernyce's Nubian Ink

Me & Richard Becker

Naomi, Jim, Leann & me at the Cinematico Party

Me & Michael at the Cinematico party

Me & Rafael Navarro...I look like a midget!

The famous Farolitos!!!!

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